Philippe Matignon Tights

  • The influences and impact that Philippe Matignon has had the tights industry are countless. Since its inception in 1980, this brand has created some amazing works of art that come alive on your legs. But it is not just styles and patterns that they have created that the world has taken note of. Philippe Matignon's main achievement is its marriage of style and quality that has made people try and fall in love with their designs.

    Golden Lady, the company that gave Philippe Matignon its start, has always created affordable and essential items that were priced as if they were just everyday tights, but felt and fit like magnificently well made, beautiful designer garments. It is a designer that has relied much more on amazing their audience with quality they have never experienced before rather than with an amazing amount of different designs.

    Golden Lady and Philippe Matignon have both had a huge impact on tights stockings and hold ups, and it's this philosophy of design that is the most important part of its meteoric rise to fame. This designer has developed a range that concentrates on quality and exceptionally well made items, and it is mostly unique amongst the leg wear community.

    With the great selection at, the hardest part of shopping is picking your favorite style and colour. UK Tight's Trasparenze section gives you a wonderful overview of all the fashionable leg wear that comes from this brand.

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