Philippe Matignon: Luxury Italian Fashion Hosiery

  • Who wears? They are as diverse as the range itself, but to name just a few women who have mentioned their love fore the brand openly, there is Hillary Scott of the award winning country music group Lady Antebellum, the actress Perry Reeves who is best known for her role as Melissa Gold on the comedy show Entourage. And most famously, the ever stunningly dressed style icon, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

    The Philippe Matignon range has something for all of these women, whose ages very from early twenties to mid-forties and there is something in the collection for every other woman too. How can a brand reach out and appeal to so many different women's sense of taste and style? It's simply this. Philippe Matignon designs things that are timeless. They concentrate on quality items rather than a range with dozens of designs, each one as hastily produced as the last. Instead, Philippe Matignon create a range full of tights, stockings and hold ups that could have been worn from the '20s right up until the present day without looking out of style.

    Designs like sheer tights in tan and nude shades with a subtle yet noticeable lustre. These will always be in style because of their ability to be paired with nearly anything you can imagine. A great pair of sheer tights will always rival anything with a pattern or a dazzling colour on a catwalk or down a city street.

    That's the idea behind nearly everything that Philippe Matignon make and it is the kind of thing that every woman can agree on as being something that will enhance an outfit, an ensemble or even your entire wardrobe. Just think about the last name on the above list of women who love to wear Philippe Matignon, Kate Middleton. The Duchess has become an icon all over the world for her beauty, her charisma and her stylish appearance. She is a truly fashion icon and always selects the very best outfits for the occasion. As an official and part of the monarchy of the UK, she also has to choose ensembles that are as smart and sophisticated as they are stylish and stunning. Philippe Matignon don't specialise in kitsch or dazzling designs and opt for the classic and timeless qualities instead.

    This is perfect for Kate Middleton's choice of outfits, but does that mean that their leg wear is only for a few select or stylish people? Not at all! Any good designer plans and builds their collection around the knowledge that all kinds of women will want to wear their items. Philippe Matignon is one of those good designers and it is true that their collection can be worn by any woman for any occasion, whether it is a casual event like an afternoon with your friends spent around a shopping mall, or whether you want to add something extra to your evening outfit, for a dinner date for cocktail party, by adding a shimmering lustre to your legs. Or perhaps you need something for the office, something that will take your outfit from something you simply have to wear to something you really do want to wear.

    It's accessories like these that are the truly wonderful parts of the fashion world. Very few people have the money to purchase an item for every occasion, or the time to shop around for the perfect item for every date on their calendar or the inclination to juggle so much just to make an outfit work. Philippe Matignon knows this and have created tights and leg wear that fit every occasion. This is the perfect example of what you might call a capsule wardrobe.

    What's a capsule wardrobe?
    The term was coined by London boutique owner Susie Faux in the 1970s to describe a wardrobe or range of clothes that are timeless and core to the modern, Western sense of style. They might include, for women, a little black dress, a skirt suit, black pumps, blue jeans, unpatterned and subtle blouses, a Burberry trench coat, a wool or camel coat etc. These are classics that every women should have in her wardrobe and they have not once gone out of fashion. If you can imagine a wardrobe of just bare essentials, whilst still having an item for every occasion, you know that you'll find blue jeans, medium-high heels in a dark colour, a good rain coat and a woollen or silk scarf, for example. You need these, but nothing beyond these to look fabulous.

    Well, Philippe Matignon is the designer that hopes to create the perfect leg wear for this wardrobe. Whether it's to go with that little black dress or with a more business orientated skirt suit, a pair of timeless sheer tights in black or a slightly tanned tone will work perfectly each time. They have created ranges around this concept and it has worked wonders for them, because as you know, every woman turns back to her favourites and her dependable items time after time. Like a favourite comfy shirt you pull on each Saturday morning or those old and broken in boots that you absolutely cannot get enough of because they are now shaped to you and you only, or that super warm winter coat that's about the only thing that makes you really glad it's started to get chilly again, Philippe Matignon's will be the tights you go back to day after day.

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