Philippe Matignon

Philippe Matignon Range

  • Philippe Matignon is a unique designer in the world of leg wear. They have a history that is not exclusive to one nation and their influence doesn't belong to one culture or heritage. Founded by a French designer, it naturally is influenced by the history and design of the French nation, but his designer started the brand to expand the range of the company he worked for at the time. That company was Golden Lady, one of Italy's most famous leg wear companies.
    In the year 1980, Philippe Matignon hosiery was created to bring a brand new level of sophistication to the Golden Lady range. Concentrating on fashion and luxury for the first time rather than basics, this incredible new company flourished with its first few ranges. It has grown more and more respected and adored by the international community since then and has become the favourite brand of so many celebrities and public figures.
    It's quality is unrivalled, as you could expect from a designer that was founded by the Golden Lady organization, and a design house that has born its signature quality since day one.
    In recent years, they have left the cradle of their home nation and have started to sell in more places across Europe and the rest of the world, becoming one of the most in vogue names in the world today. They have been spotted and picked up by celebrities and public officials all over the world and will soon be a household name as big as the oldest and most respected brands that you can name.
    So, let's take a look at some of the history of Philippe Matignon, the influences that have gone into its range, both fashion and everyday and some of the impact it has had on the industry and the kind of people that wear it, whether it be a public figure or you and I.